Luxury and Harmony Event Venue

Luxury and Harmony Event Venue

Pick a room that best suits your taste and budget

We offer you the best event venues - Indiraprastha Auditorium, an open air venue the Open stage and River Valley - perfect to add a sparkle to make your event memorable.

Puzhayoram Convention Centre

Puzhayoram Convention Centre is one of the best convention centres in Kerala. We offer you a premium convention venue.The beautiful and wonderfully maintained garden sprawling over a large area would arrest anybody's attention. The lawn and the garden are exquisite and would excel any of its kind in the cities.

Indiraprastha Auditorium and A/C Hall

The Indiraprastha Auditorium is an elegant venue perfect for grand events like weddings, award shows, conferences, seminars, etc

Open Stage with River View

The open stage provides an open air venue with greenery, a gurgling stream and a cozy ambience perfect for gala dinners, and open air get-togethers and parties.Open Stage provides a venue with seating for 500

River Valley auditorium

The River Valley auditorium is another hall which features the best of open air ambience along with the facilities of the hall to add grandeur to your event.